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How Can I Become A Medication Aide?

What Is a Medication Aide?

Certified medication aides provide services in assisted living facilities, comprehensive personal care homes and assisted living programs. and long-term care facilities, where they may keep track of each patient or resident's daily medications and administer them in the appropriate form.

What Do I Need to Become a Medication Aide?

To be eligible for certification as a medication aide, you must be currently certified in New Jersey as a nurse aide, home health aide or personal care assistant. In addition, you must comply with the following:

  • Successfully complete a medication aide training program approved by the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) before registering for the exam. You can find that here

  • Register for an exam within 3 months of completing of the training program

  • Pass the exam

  • Undergo a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI)

If you do not pass the exam within six months of completing the training program, you will be required to retrain. To take the exam, you must provide proof that you have an active certification as a CNA, HHHA or PCA. Please bring your certificate with you to the exam.

What Job Duties Might I Have?

As a medication aide, you give prescribed topically and orally administered medications under a nurse's supervision. You make sure that the six rights of medication administration - correct person, drug, dose, time, route and documentation - are followed. You will chart the medication, dosage, time and date of administration on the patient's record. Refusals to take medications will also be charted.

You may be responsible for taking blood pressure readings, temperatures and heart or pulse rates. Your job duties may include providing support with hygiene and grooming.

Will It Help My Career?

Becoming a CMA is a step up in the career ladder for all CNA's, CHHA's and even more so for those who later decide become a LPN, RN or even a certified assisted living administrator. It will boost your income where you currently work or in future employment opportunities.

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