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Varis Health Education

In 1998, the concept for a collaborative effort to provide top-level assistance programs to distressed skilled nursing and assisted living facilities was developed. Realizing that many nursing homes and assisted living centers wanted to provide the best care they could, many administrators and owners had contracted professional consultants to assist them in meeting their goals.

Most of these firms, however, only had one or two areas that they were proficient in (i.e. nursing, therapy, etc). Realizing this factor, the VARIS philosophy and plan was conceived; Provide education, resources and experts for all facets of Long Term Care, including Independent and Assisted Living Centers, to assist those facilities seeking to be the “best of the best”, or to recover from negative regulatory surveys. Our team consists of seasoned professional experts in the areas of:

  • Marketing

  • Administration (both CALA’s and LNHA’s)

  • Nursing Services (Directors of Nursing, Sub Acute Coordinators and Acute Care Specialists)

  • MDS coordinators

  • Construction

  • Financial Operations & Accounting

  • Recruiting

  • Clinical Education

  • Geriatric Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Graphic Design and Web-site Development Teams

  • Rehabilitation

  • Recreational Therapy

  • Dietary Services

  • Social Services

  • Elder-care Planning (Elder-law)

  • and more!

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