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Due to the Covid-19 social distancing protocols, the NJDOH has approved the 56-Hour CALA Course & CEU's as Live Webinars!


Now Offering Online CALA Courses

Presented by our amazing instructors through Zoom

September 25th, 26th, 27th & October 2nd, 3rd

16 Hour Practicum: TBD

9 am - 5 pm


Register with your deposit by September 15th and get $100 the total price!

Limited Time 10 Hour CALA Certification Renewal!

Varis Health has partnered with the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services to offer you a 10 HOUR CALA CERTIFICATION RENEWAL! If your certification has lapsed within the past three years we can help! Normally the renewal process requires thirty hours. With our wavier for a limited time only you can renew with just ten! 

Workshop Content

DAY 1:

Philosophy, background and concepts of Assisted Living.

DAY 2:

Normalization of the Environment. Scope of Services and Services Planning. Accounting and Finance, Staffing Patterns. Assisted Living Sample Exam and Review.

DAY 3:

Nursing: Aging in Place, Assessments, Regulatory Requirements.

DAY 4:

Nursing: Administration of Medication, Role of Pharmacy. Promoting a Homelike Environment, OSHA, Fire and Disaster, Regulatory Requirements.

DAY 5:

Shared responsibility and Managed Risk, Documentation, Policies and Procedures, Regulatory Requirements. Patterns. Assisted Living Sample Exam and Review.

Course Overview

  • The basic Concepts/Philosophy of Assisted Living in New Jersey

  • The NJ Standards for Licensure for Assisted Living, Comprehensive Personal Care, Adult Medical Day Care

  • The Assessment Process

  • Scope of Services

  • Nursing Services

  • Maintenance and Laundry Services

  • Human Resources

  • Financial Services

  • Dining Services

  • Activities

  • Social Services

56 Hour Certified Assisted Living Administrator Workshop 

This workshop is approved by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and NAB (National Association of Long Term Care Administration Boards). Upon completion of this program, the graduate will be eligible to sit for the Assisted Living Administrator licensing exam.

This workshop consists of 40 hours of classroom training, taught by a network of experts in the Senior Care Industry, and at this time New Jersey is allowing anyone who is working in an Assisted Living to complete the 16 hour practicum in their own Community. If you are not presently working in healthcare we are working towards a virtual practicum for you to be able to participate in.

All instructors are licensed professionals with extensive experience in their field.

Unlike many newer programs available, our consultants and instructors are currently employed as Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Social Service Consultants and Pharmacists with some of the most well-known companies in the healthcare industry!

Upon completion of this program and a passing grade on the state exam, students may operate the following type of communities:


  • Assisted Living Residence (ALR)

  • Assisted Living Program (ALP)

  • Comprehensive Care Homes

  • Adult Medical Day Care


The 40 Hour CALA Workshop consists of the following:

  • 40 hours in a classroom setting

  • At this time NJ is waving the 16 hour practicum 

Online Payment Policy:

Full tuition for workshop is $1,650.00

Our CALA Manual and all materials will be emailed to you before the first day of the course.

A $250.00 non refundable deposit is required by registration deadline. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email.  A week before class you will received a Welcome email with the curriculum and webinar instructions.

For current NJ Licensed Nursing Home Administrators, the cost is $1000 and you will receive 20 Continuing Education Units approved by the Department of Health!


Course Eligibility

  • Age 21 or older

  • Criminal Background Clearance

  • High School degree

  • Access to a computer and internet

  • Must be able to print course material

Varis Health is the approved provider of the LIVE course required for reinstatement of a NJ Certified Assisted Living Administrator’s lapsed certification (pursuant to NJ Gov. Murphy’s Executive Orders 119 and 112. Upon completion of this 10-hour course, the CALA can apply for a provisional license that will be valid up to 45 days after the state of emergency is lifted. This 10-hour course will be provided twice a month for the next 2 months.


 10-Hour Live Webinars Providing 10 CEU's Each!



$200.00 for attendance both days

$100.00 for attendance one day

Discounted Tuition for all Varis Health Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  Are you able to take the online course from anywhere?

A1:  Yes, you need access to a device that is compatible with our webinars and internet access.

Q2:  How long do I have to take the state exam after completing your course?

A2:  You need to take the exam within 24 months after completion of our course or you will be required to           take the course again.

Q3:  How much is the state test and how long is the state test?

A3:  Currently it is $53 and 120 minutes.

Q4:  What if I don't pass the state test?

A4:  You can fail the exam two (2) times, if you don't pass with a 75%, you will have to retake a NJDOH               approved course.  Our students have a 95% pass rate.

Q5:  After I pass the state exam, do I have to complete any continuing education courses?

A5:  Yes, you will need to complete at least 30 hours during the lifetime of your certification.  For more                details you can visit 


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